Lesson Samples


Color Theory

High school students learned the basics of color theory. After an introductory slideshow and discussion about the color wheel, students paired up to play a color mixing game. I prepared six colors, made by mixing only the primary colors and black and white. Students worked together to mix colors that matched the colors I had prepared for them. After the teams finished their mixing, students discussed the colors that matched well, and the colors that didn’t quite work. Once students had grasped the basics of mixing colors, they designed and painted their own colors wheels before applying their knowledge to hard edge paintings.


Self - Portraits

Students in second grade learned about Frida Kahlo and self portraiture. Students started with a picture book about Frida Kahlo’s life before looking at one of Kahlo’s self portraits. Next, students watched a demo on how to draw a face, focusing on making sure the eyes, nose, and mouth were drawn in the write spot. Students looked in mirrors and began their own self portraits in colored pencil and pastel.


Collaborative Painting

Students in the Learning Works after school program worked together to create a large scale painting. The theme of the mural was ‘community’, so students created a scene including a big tree with ‘book-fruit’, rainbows, a pumpkin patch, and even outer space! Students had a lot of freedom with this painting, and they learned to work with the other artists in their group to create a masterpiece.